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1. Puff Type CP 2. Puff Type T 3. Puff Type G
4. Puff Type S 5.Puff Type F


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1. Puff type CP (Compact) is made of velour on one side, satin on the other side and filled with sponge inside. You may choose to have a ribbon with color trademark on either ribbon or satin.


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2. Puff type T is made of velour on both side and filled with sponge inside. We can print your trademark with gold color on the ribbon and attach it on one face of this puff.


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3. Puff type G (Glove) is made of velour on one side and with velour-satin on the other side. One face of the puff is the applicator. The other face is the glove for ease of handle.


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4. Puff type S (Sponge) is simply a piece of sponge. It is sometimes attached with satin on one side.


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5. Puff type F (Flock Foam) is some how similar to puff type S except that on one side of a puff is coated with a velour-like material which is used as an applicator.



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